Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Month in Happiness.

Yesterday contained a moment of a lifetime, a moment that has now flourished into endless moments. 
This past month I have joyously immersed myself in “Reasons to be Happy: Introducing Schuyler and The Flies”, a new group show that came to me last December sitting on the crowded subway, heading grudgingly to a catering event. I wanted to bring my life’s motto, CHOOSE HAPPINESS, to the stage with talented friends along-side. 
Before we even started rehearsals, I knew it would be a fun concert with my fabulous friends. This was going to simply be a time to get together, create music, and selfishly assemble a reason to see these girl-friends of mine more often. 
Somewhere amidst this light-hearted joy, I had forgotten just how talented these girls were! Rehearsals began right after Easter, and I was blown away each day after that by these girls’ dedication, ideas, voices, and souls that were coming out in every ounce of their performances. I just couldn’t get over it; all of a sudden this little idea I had was coming to fruition like I had NEVER dreamed before. It wasn’t going to just be legit, it was going to be SUPER LEGIT!
And then there is Matt Gregory. The genius. The legend. The master of all that is good. Here’s a true talent on so many levels. Not only is he in the brand new musical theatre school at NYU, but he’s also a prodigy piano player, a gifted musical arranger, and just the sweetest guy. I felt so honored to have him on board with this, and for him to share his talent with us.
In creating this evening, I was seeing where this group, Schuyler and The Flies, really could go. With each chord, each laughing rehearsal, each moment touched, I saw possibility, opportunity, excitement, all flickering within grasp. As we got closer and closer to the show, I was seeing this group skip down that yellow brick road towards destined instances of brilliance. I wanted everyone at the show to see this vibrant vision of mine; I shared this little blurb I wrote so everyone at our show (and now you!) may be a part of our journey from the very beginning:
Schuyler and The Flies is a group of friends, joining their forces and talent for an opportunity to spread the musical joys of love, lessons, and laughs. Through our unique grouping of voices, the future includes more concerts with different themes (i.e. Disney, Holidays, 1940’s, “Your Own Theme Idea Here”, etc.) here in NYC and wherever the swarm takes us. Whether a party, special occasion, or event, 
Schuyler and The Flies want to come and sing for you! 
The Flies for “Reasons to be Happy” (Raina Lynn Crawford, Melissa Greco, Emily Kron, and Michaela Lieberman) and Matt Gregory have made my dreams sit among the glittering stars, looking down on us all with such joyful light. Here was another New Year’s Resolution checked off: Collaborate with the people I love. I couldn’t have done this show without these amazing people who joined me onstage; I will forever be grateful. 
I’m seeing that this city likes to push you down whenever it wants, usually when you’re least expecting it. In turn, you have to - I take that back - you MUST push back AND through. Never submit to the pressures of New York City; it’s those pressures that urge you to create the best work of your time. That’s why this city is filled to the brim with such innovative and dedicated creators; it’s all thanks to the city itself. 
So, here’s to my new future with The Flies and our resident musical director, Matt Gregory. Come and join the swarm! There’s so much more to create.