Monday, December 30, 2013

To 2014...

I've been thinking about this post for a while now, and like many of my posts, I've waited to the last moment to write it. Sometimes bottling it all up to create a combustion effect does help...

I thought about going through everything I've done, everything I've learned, mantras and ideas for the upcoming year: repeat what everyone else does. But that sounds quite boring. Not that accomplishments are great, but why spout it all out here. (hash-tag, read this Annoying Actor Friend blog post:

I'm taking a break from this blog. Slash, it may end right here. Actually, it is ending here.

I've enjoyed having an opportunity to recount my journey (so far) in this internet desert-land, but becoming the actor in the above article just can't be an option.

Come the New Year (aka, two days) I'm going off Facebook and Twitter for an entire year. Now, this may be the best or worst decision I've made since choosing the "acting" profession. I see the amazing aspects of how social media gets my name out there as an artist, but I am refusing to believe that it's the only way.

To be honest, this decision started forming after all the blow-up around NBC's "The Sound of Music". The utter drive of people in my business needing to be cruel, clever, and humorous (many trying to do all three at once) put quite a sour taste in my mouth for social media and its inherent implications on our society. We all know it: social media, while keeping us uber-connected, is actually pushing us farther apart.

I'm just done with that.

Will it be harder to stay in contact with friends and family? Of course. But it's possible... (I'm obviously singing the Whitney Houston version right now, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, then I'm sad for you). I want to see what I can get done in a year without Facebook or Twitter. For some reason, I feel like Instagram is fine. There's the artistic aspect that I still cherish. So that'll continue. But who knows, maybe I'll actually start taking real photos with a real camera...

Some people will think this is all crazy, but I'd like to think that I am pioneering through and past this addiction we have all succumbed to. I know I'll have withdrawals, but I'm excited to experience what I can fill within those voids.

In case you want to keep in contact, my email address is Feel free to email me whenever. Or even send me your snail mail address! What a concept, huh?

Join me? I dare you.