Monday, May 28, 2012

To Be Beeman

This isn’t a normal post. 
Maybe I should be writing about how I’m about to find dance skeletons for the upcoming shows to be choreographed, or my recent developments and ideas for cabarets and concerts. 
But nope. 
What’s on the docket then? 
Family. And I got a mighty fine one at that. 
Today is all about the Beemans. 
My father is the second of four boys, all sport-loving, kind, frugal, loving men with families all of their own. Beeman men are a special breed; while thought to be the quieter and strong supportive backbone of each off-shoot family, they actually are some of the funniest straight men I’ve encountered. Together, a raucous of laughter, caring jabs, and heartfelt moments surround all members of our large (and growing) extended Beeman family, plus all those who touch our sphere of Americana brother/sister-hood. 
As fun as our time is when we are all together, it happens to be quite rare when we can have all four Beeman Brothers’ families in the same place at the same time. There are the East-Coast Beemans, the West-Coast Beemans, the Mid-West Beemans, and the Texas Beemans: we’re all over the place. Inadvertently, reunions to let our invigorating energy simply and immediately recreate itself as if time never passed, can take years in between to come to. 
But why should it? At every get-together we say how we need to stay in better touch and get out to each others’ necks of wood. And, as it too often happens with those you love, what’s uttered, what’s planned, never happens. Schedules, money, time... They all get in the way. 
Well, I’m not letting that happen anymore. Nothing will get in my way.
It’s now been two years since I’ve graduated. I’m coming up on a quarter-lifetime-milestone and it’s time to step back and see where importance establishes itself. Roots are starting to ground themselves in New York, and I couldn’t think of a better city to have them in. NYC is where I’m supposed to be, but I’m also supposed to be with my family. 
FAMILY: a person or people related to one 
and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy. 
(My Mac’s Dictionary)
This past weekend at a Beeman wedding, I saw with the arrival of my cousin’s daughter a new Beeman generation coming to and becoming a part of us: 
The Beemans

Through her infant eyes I was able to see what it meant to be Beeman: OMNIPRESENT LOVE. Every giggle released and snuggle given from this little angel brought us all joy, reminding us all of our true bond as a great family. With her smile, I saw how important it was for me to go and spend time with my extended family in the near future. And as I have seen in past endeavors, when a goal is for good, a job is for joy, a leap is for love, I will be provided for in so many more ways than I ever imagined.  

(Baby Clara with her Grampa, my Uncle Bob, at the rehearsal dinner.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Circle Left Of Center

I think it’s finally time to share some news...
I will be joining the College Light Opera Company’s 2012 Season as their choreographer for this summer. From June through August, I’ll be up in Cape Cod, choreographing 9 different shows in 9 weeks. Yup, you read that right: a different show every week. True summer stock at its finest.
CLOC is well known for bringing in wonderful collegiate talent from all over the country’s top performance schools for a jam packed summer of operettas and musicals. This summer, we’re putting up a wonderful collection of shows, filled with fantastic music, fun times, and fabulous dancing. 
Here’s the schedule for the summer:
Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Ruddigore”: June 26th - June 30th

Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man”: July 3rd - July 7th

Jerome Kern’s “Sally”: July 10th - July 14th

Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide”: July 17th - July 21st

Sigmund Romberg’s “The Student Prince”: July 24th - July 28th

Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”: July 31st - August 4th

Lerner & Loewe’s “Brigadoon”: August 7th - August 11th

Rodger and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific”: August 14th - August 18th

Lambert and Morrison’s “The Drowsy Chaperone”: August 21st - August 25th
I can’t write out how blessed I feel to be offered this opportunity. I cannot wait to get up there and start creating these moving pictures!
So if you’re in the Massachusetts area, or want to come for a weekend on the Cape, join us at CLOC for a summer of great shows. 
Find out more about the company and ticket information at their website: